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Victory Project Defines Social and Economic Impact with University of Dayton Study


Monnie Bush


Victory Project Defines Social and Economic Impact with University of Dayton Study

Social return on investment nearly $1 million per student’s lifetime; Graduation rate, math, reading, attendance all drastically improve with program participation 

DAYTON, OH (November 16, 2021) – Young men participating in programs at Victory Project, a Dayton nonprofit providing our city’s youth with opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and belonging, are more proficient at math and reading, have better school attendance, and achieve higher graduation rates than their public-school peers, according to a recent survey by the University of Dayton L. William Crotty Center’s Flyer Consulting group. 

As part of an in-depth business and opportunity analysis for Victory Project, Flyer Consulting found improved proficiency and performance of VP students in a number of elements:

  • School absences
    • 7% VP students
    • 21% public school peers
  • Math proficiency 
    • 64% VP students
    • 27% public school peers
  • Reading proficiency 
    • 60% VP students
    • 33% public school peers
  • Graduation rate
    • 100% VP students
    • 72.2% public school peers


In total, the social return on investment for a student enrolled at Victory Project is $971,000 per alumni’s lifetime. 

“When we talk about social return for investment, we’re looking at what the pillars of poverty – not finishing high school, having children prior to marriage, being incarcerated – cost society,” said Monnie Bush, founder and CEO, Victory Project. “But when we can step in and help break that poverty cycle, our students and society both benefit. Less incarceration time, higher earnings, and better opportunities help our students thrive and lower the cost of society’s burden, too.” 

“We’re grateful to see the quantifiable data supporting what we see every day,” Bush continued. “We know that showing up for our students with authenticity and consistency in a space where we can get to know them, coach them through struggles and show them a clear way forward produces major opportunities for our students – and also our community.”

Flyer Consulting is a University of Dayton-based, student-run organization providing complimentary business consulting solutions to nonprofit organizations while simultaneously promoting economic growth to small businesses through two microlending programs. Each semester, the organization works with six nonprofits, providing students with real-world application of their classroom instruction and organizations with new research and insights.

“It is unbelievably gratifying to work with impactful organizations in the Dayton community such as Victory Project,” said Flyer Consulting project lead Tim O’Connor. “The support and services offered by Victory Project not only foster the growth and development of their students, but also the community as a whole. Victory Project’s commitment and investment in their students creates lasting and substantial benefits experienced by alumni, their children and grandchildren, their siblings, and even their classmates. The calculated proficiency rates and quantified social impact illuminates the drastic impact of Victory Project’s presence in the Dayton community.”

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About Victory Project

Victory Project was founded in 2009 to offer an alternative to the street for America’s youth. Using our proprietary 3E curriculum (Education, Entrepreneurship, Enlightenment), we break the pillars of poverty by working with disengaged Dayton youth to finish high school, avoid a criminal history and prepare for a future where each young man can achieve his God-given potential. Victory Project is a privately funded 501(c)3 nonprofit; we receive no government funding.  

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